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Hate It or Love It? Gabourey Sidibe Poses for Harper’s Bazaar [Photo]


Actresses Gabourey Sidibe is one of many women featured in the September 2013 Harper’s Bazaar issue.

Sidibe is spotlighted in Carine Rotfeld’s “Singular Beauties” photo spread, featuring photographs shot by the legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld.

What do you think of Gabourey’s photo? Something about it seems a little…off, at least to us.

Check out some other photos from the ‘Singular Beauties’ spread below!




  1. Well in her defense, it looks like she may have been trying to stop them from taking the photo!!

  2. Nah… If Harpers Bazaar can’t make you look good… Just, no… Sorry Gabby

  3. It’s not Gabourey’s fault. It’s a weird combination for the stylist to choose. It’s not like they’re trying to accentuate HER beauty… it looks like they’re trying to cover her up. :- That Sari fabric over her head–what were they thinking?

  4. They should have chosen one or the other. Sari fabric or coat? I would have chosen the sari fabric.

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