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  • briana mcintosh

    How’s it going? My name’s Briana and I work for Tresa Sanders here
    at TreMedia. We are an independent entertainment PR Firm representing clients
    such as BET,
    Keyshia Cole, Future, Slaughterhouse, The OMG Girlz and many more! As I was
    updating our media database, I noticed that we are missing a few pieces of
    information from your file needed to pitch media for client interviews and
    updates. Please email me back with the following information (if you’re no
    longer with the requested media outlet, please email me back with information
    on the one that you’re currently working for):

    -your contact number
    -your email address

    Thank you,

    Briana McIntosh


    PR Assistant

    (404) 963-8119

  • http://HealThisway.com Daniel Lee Hue

    We would like to extend an event invitation to your team for red carpet, and event coverage. What email address and we send the invite to?

  • Ron

    What’s next for BScott now that your lawsuit was thrown out of court. Do you think the industry will black ball you fearing any potential future “misunderstandings” of what’s right or legal for a employer concerning an employee or you and/or your person, behavior, attitude, opinion, etc? Or just think that you are litigious seeking a pay day.

  • Deuce

    BScott!! When are you going to return to making YouTube videos I really miss your presence on there. You always made for a great laugh.

  • Carlton

    Hey BScott! Please check out the trailer for the feature film I’m Co-Starring in. It’s a comedy and I know you of all people would love it! Thank you!

  • Daniel Asamota

    How’s abaout a date B. Scott?